tell me what you do

  • how many run levels are there in linux
  • Top CPU usage? nice or renice? call user?
  • cronjob fields
  • linux over windows
  • total run levels?
  • types of file system /how you decide
  • xfs vs ext4
  • about apache server
  • how many servers ?
  • About monitoring tool ,configured grafana ?
  • shell scripting? =for automation
  • what apache?
  • what is patching?
  • adduser in centos?
  • log monitoring? /var/log/app_name/appname.log

Tell me what you do in your organisation
what is you favourite topic in linux
tell me about LVM
how you will add 2 disk in LV
how to check mounted disk (expecting lsblk)
what is ssh key
how do you monitor server brief in detail
what is in top command extreme top right (load average)
what do you mean by load average how you will decide
how you will check free memory
how you will check cpu usage
what is /etc/shadow
what algorithem it follows (MD5 HASH)
have you configured cpanel
how much you’re expecting
are you ready to travel to rabale
what are your hobbies/resident address
have you done any certification
red configuration
about previous organization
what is your future goals in linux what you want (aws ,devops etc)

how to partition any disk = fdisk
storage used on aws = ebs, hdd, ssd
difference between nginx and httpd = Nginx less memory, fast
how you will decide which web servers to use = depending on application, if static then = nginx
how to check disk I/O from top command = iotop, iostat
port of apache run on = 80
what is EC2 = elastic cloud compute, vm
what is ebs = elastic block staorage
object storage on aws = s3
how you will check if disk I/O is full = isstat. SAR
have you used cpanel =
difference between fdisk and lsblk = fdisk for new partitianl
command used to list partition the disk = fdisk
what is the hard disk used in modern days = ssd , NVMe SSD
how much sdd is faster than hdd = around 15x
what is the thing in which you spend more time = alerts
what services you have added on the grafana =
how you will check 15 days back system disk I/O = SAR
what you do to enhance security = yum , selinux, security group,
centos version? 7
tell me how to split the emails on office 365

ssh port?
can we change ssh port, where is that file?
hack root password? how?
why mount -o remount,rw / in single user mode
2 users – 1 user zip file set 777- 2 user unzip file (what permission will be of the file?)
yum command failing? what will you do? / yum clean all/ repolist ok
other than ping command to check connectivity ?
yum -ivh -uvh kernal.rpm diffrence?
why yum –skip broken pakages?
how root cannot delete file? – lsattr, chattr
setuid setgid, ACL,set,getfacl ?
ssh is passwordless auth? will scp will work ?
passwordless auth set but not working ? what troubleshoot u will do?
/etc/passwd permission is changed ? will user able to login ?
system is not able to find the partition? /dev/sda? mount -a

10GB =6GB used and 4GB free but cannot create file? system full?
public ip vs elastic aws ?
how do you recommend customer server ?
forword lookup zone backward lookup zone ?
default linux 8 gb windows 30gb aws?
how to setup vpn tunnel in aws?
why should we use dynamic ip? lease time?

Create file of 4gb fastest way? – fallocate
Esxi HA and fault tolarence-HA-clusterlevel,restart,99.99 FT-vm level,vm copy,sync,99.99999
What is git tag? – version of a particular branch
VCenter default license how many esxi = 3
Other command to Crete 4gb file fastest – fallocate
Default swapiness value – 60,30
Swap 90% set what happed in ram – process wil swap more frequently
Crontab tab 10am is not running but it was running before user cronjob find without log – * * * * * env > /tmp/env.output
48 core cpu usage is 40% is normal – depends on request
Boot process on Linux
Jenkins master and slave
On commit run Jenkins job- poll scm
What is scm – Source code management
What is load?
Check if UDP port is open? – tcpdum,nc
files open in folders – lsof | grep /root
how ssh works?

diff redhat6,7 ?
port number for ssh,sft,http,https,dns,mysql,postgrase5432
how sftp works on port 22
swap file path = sudo nano /etc/sysctl.conf
script to create file with date(yymmdd hhmmss)- date +%Y%M%d%H%M%S
write script to add to number?
write script to replace http://something to https://something2?
write script to add curl find something and if avail thne print true?

create fuction to add to number
connected to google print yes else not connected
print pattern +++++
replace http|://
take number print table

how vpn works?
any other way to secure network except VPN?
ALB tech(eg. nginx) works on lyer 7, kafka zookeeper
teraform, docker

what is lvm stripping?
run cronjob every last day of month?

df -i //to view inode used
[root@localhost 4gb]# mkdir test
mkdir: cannot create directory ‘test’: No space left on device
[root@localhost 4gb]# rm -rf *
-bash: /usr/bin/rm: Argument list too long
ls | xargs rm -rf